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Operation Christmas Child

AMAZING CHURCH in collaboration with Samaritan’s Purse are blessed to be a part of a growing ministry that offers more than 100 million shoeboxes that are given to kids in over 130 countries since Operation Christmas Child began in 1993.

A shoebox gift from Operation Christmas Child tells a child in need that they are loved and opens up a whole bunch of life-changing opportunities for them, their family and their community.

“Every shoebox gift is an opportunity to touch a child’s heart with the love of Jesus Christ.” – Franklin Graham, International President of Samaritan’s Purse



AMAZING CHURCH has the honour & privilege of supporting LEANNE RHODES as our missionary abroad on our mission field in Eastern Europe.

Leanne Rhodes is the CEO and Founder of ABOLISHION.

Leanne’s life was forever changed the day she met a survivor of human trafficking. 

She founded Abolishion in order to break the systems that keep people in sexual slavery.

“I want a world where no one’s freedom is sold for the highest bid.”

Leanne is the co-founder of Actuate IT, a software company that works with churches and non-profit organisations to help them do the great things they do more efficiently.

She is also a minister with the Australian Christian Churches.


We want to see a world where no one’s basic right to freedom is sold for the highest bid.


Breaking the systems that keep people in sexual slavery.

People are always shocked to hear that human trafficking or modern day slavery still exists. Others know about it but love under the impression that it only happens in other places.

That’s exactly why we focus our prevention programs and raising awareness right where human trafficking happens.

For more info on how you can donate to help bring awareness to human trafficking and to support LEANNE RHODES serving abroad in the mission field, then please donate either via our AMAZING CHURCH MISSIONS account;

Westpac Bank
BSB Number – 033092
Account Number – 383846

Donations can also be made directly via the ABOLISHION Website;

Thank you for your heart of generosity in sowing a financial seed into our Global Community that sees many lives transformed, very much appreciated.

God bless

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