Growth Track

NEXT STEPS PROGRAMME for our Newcomers.

‘Discover how to connect at Amazing Church and to Grow & Serve as a disciple of Jesus.’

This is a 3-part NEXT STEPS programme being CONNECT, GROW & SERVE

Session 1 – What are Spiritual Gifts?

  • Examine what the Bible tells us.
  • Spiritual Gifts are still relevant
  • Don’t confuse Spiritual Gifts with other blessings eg. natural talents, fruits of the spirit, Christian roles and counterfeit gifts.
  • Rules of the survey

Homework: complete survey by yourself


Session 2 – Discovering what your gift means


  • Look at your list of answers and determine what your main gift/gifts are
  • Determine what each gift means
  • Discussion about the gifts



Session 3 – What am I going to do with my gift?


  • Discovering through discussion and ideas how your gift fits within the body of the church
  • Compile a list of prospective projects that you or a small group may be able to undertake

As with all things prayer for guidance.





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