AMAZING means; to overwhelm with surprise; astonish greatly.

The story outlined in this passage of scripture from Acts 3 verses 1 through to 10 is how a man crippled from birth was begging by the temple gate, where people will take notice of him and give him money instead.

I wonder how many people that day overlooked him, rejected, neglected him and maybe took advantage of him. Some people may be considering him as a second class citizen and put labels on him. Does this person sound familiar to you? But God had not forgotten about him. When Peter and John noticed him they looked straight at him through the eyes of God’s love that this man was created in the image of God who is in need of God’s love, mercy, forgiveness and healing.

What Peter had (and gave) was the wholeness that came through faith in the name and authority of Jesus Christ. In the authority of the name of Jesus, Peter commanded the man to walk. This is the turning point in his life where he encountered Jesus as his personal Lord and Saviour. Peter cared enough to reach out his hand to help him up and in that action instantly the man’s feet and ankles become strong. That’s Amazing!

Amazing church is all about; Loving people, helping them discover the purpose of God for their lives regardless of where they are, what they had done, what the colour of their skin is and what they’re going through.

Don’t settle for less than the best that God has for you. God will amaze you with His Love and Mercy. YOU’RE DESTINED FOR GREATNESS!!

Amazing Church is a Multi-Cultural Community Church that is located in the heart of Melton.

We have a vision to provide a positive, safe and healthy environment where biblical moral and relationships are uphold.
Amazing Church exists to:

(1) To bring glory and honour to God and His Son Jesus Christ.
(2) To discern God’s specific purposes for the Assembly and to fulfil them in the strength and wisdom of the Holy Spirit.
(3) To propagate the message of the Word of God.
(4) To engage in evangelism.
(5) To establish self-governing self-propagating local Churches as the opportunity affords.
(6) To uphold the family as the basic social unit of society.