Amazing Kids program

The Amazing Kids program caters for children from kindergarten age through to end of primary school.  The program seeks to engage children through an exciting and innovative scripture based curriculum.  Age appropriate activities help children learn about the Bible and about God’s unending love for his people.  Using songs, dance, craft, games and media, children connect with God, themselves and the church and begin to understand the priceless gift of salvation.

Our dedicated instructors are either trained teachers with Victorian Institute of Teaching registration or have current Working with Children checks.  Our instructors are assisted each week by one or two members of our wonderful high schoolers from Youth Connect.  The program is responsive to the needs of individual children and is continuously developing according to the seasons of the Church.

The Amazing Kids program runs every Sunday morning.  It takes place in the Eagle Room after Church Praise and Worship, Community Greetings and the Offering Message (approximately 11.30am) and concludes at the end of the service (12.30 pm).  As well as providing a sound basis in Bible education, the Amazing Kids program means that parents and caregivers can immerse themselves in the service without distraction and be blessed and renewed by the Word.


Amazing Church is a Multi-Cultural Community Church that is located in the heart of Melton.

We have a vision to provide a positive, safe and healthy environment where biblical moral and relationships are uphold. Amazing Church exists to:

(1) To bring glory and honour to God and His Son Jesus Christ. (2) To discern God’s specific purposes for the Assembly and to fulfil them in the strength and wisdom of the Holy Spirit. (3) To propagate the message of the Word of God. (4) To engage in evangelism. (5) To establish self-governing self-propagating local Churches as the opportunity affords. (6) To uphold the family as the basic social unit of society.